Welcome to my Confessions.

I am not a psychologist, an anthropologist, or a sociologist. What I am is a spectator, an observer. I have a keen eye to the little things and I am always wondering why people do and say what they do. Is it nature or nurture? Behaviors and ideas seem to be recycled, which who’s to say that is a bad thing? Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, isn’t it? The way we dress, the way we talk, the jokes we tell. I believe there is so much more to it though.

Why do people choose to do the things they do? People don’t generally walk aimlessly around not paying attention to the footsteps they are taking (well ok, there are probably a few that do) but there has to be a reason. I have been in the business of people for a long time: a waitress, a manager, a food blog writer, and now a social media whatever you want to call it. I love people, no really I do! Everyone has a story, but how do we know unless we reach out? I feel there is a way to reach out to almost everyone. People always ask me how I know so much about others, plain and simple- I just ask questions. I believe I have been blessed with ability to think outside the box and see that there might be so much more to a person’s situation than one may see upon first glance. It has definitely helped along the way. People are funny and people are frustrating, but that isn’t just all they are. I’m going to show you there’s so much more and let’s be honest there will be the lesser times too.  This is a scope of not just people in my little world, but a reach out to pop culture, and media as well.  There will definitely be a few “What were they thinking?” moments, as well as an endless dedication to people that do kind things for others. It does still exist, I’ve seen it.

I was fortunate to leave Utah when I was 20 and move to New Jersey for 6 years. I spent what I consider some of the biggest growing years of my life there. I’ve always liked people, but there I learned about people and to really love them. Culture adds so much more to an environment and gives reason behind why people act certain ways. There is SO much out there, I can’t even begin to try to capture it all, but I can definitely show you what is around me as well as share some past experiences that have been embedded in my mind.

I guess this is where I say on the record: THIS IS NOT ABOUT JUDGING PEOPLE. This is a way for personal growth, the perception of one’s behaviors, and just simply sometimes silly observations of what I see in daily life.

With that being said…

Welcome to my confessions!


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