Sometimes I love being the observer and recently I was able to do such. However, my friend was at the center of the observing, and the more I reflect on it and why it’s been on my mind so much- I think it is just because I am very protective of my friends. It got me to thinking though, how do you know when people are indeed being genuine in their actions and in their words? At what point does another person realize that someone ISN’T being genuine?

The definition of genuine means authentic, real, and conforming to the fact that something is worthy of belief and trust. Some of the other words that are used in place of it are actual, honest-to-goodness, pure, unadulterated, sincere, and whole.

I have always had a sense of pride in the fact that I don’t ever sugar coat a compliment. I am always very quick to compliment someone, even if it is a stranger. A great hair cut, a cool shirt, someone being kind to someone else, and so on. In the back of my mind I always hope that the person I am talking to knows that I am absolutely sincere in my words. Even little kids, they need to hear that they are special too!

What about the way other people interact? People that compliment their friend, but then go behind their back and make fun of them? Co-workers that make comments to another co-worker and as soon as they leave the room everyone is laughing and making jokes towards that person? I am sure I could come up with a few dozen examples. I guess what I am getting at, Are we so afraid of how others will react that we cannot be honest with each other? Has not being honest with each other made society super sensitive?genuine, ecard, love your jeans, compliment

As I watched everyone hug my friend, whisper in his hear, grope him.. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was all because of the environment we were in? Don’t get me wrong, he is amazing! Talented, kind, funny, beautiful, all the reasons that people would act towards him this way. My heart sank when the thought of how much of it may or may not be genuine… Was it circumstantial? Were they acting towards him because of alcohol? I don’t know if I will ever know the real answer. It is just more of something to think about.

My next question, why are people so afraid to give a compliment? Are we too busy nit-picking? Are we afraid of people’s reactions? Did you just harass them by paying them a compliment?? WTF! I can’t believe that just crossed my mind. How in the world has society come to a point that a compliment is now skewed and turned into harassment?

Alright, now my challenge to you this time, try it. Every where you go, find someone to compliment. Don’t go out of your way, but if someone walks by you and they have a great hair cut- compliment them. It doesn’t have to be gushing. Just a “hey I really like your hair cut!” or whatever the thing you like is. Let me know how it goes!!

compliment, say thank you, new jeans,


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