Reviews and Comments on Social Media

Doesn’t that topic just make you cringe? I threw up in my mouth a little just at the mention.

I am fairly active in social media, as a matter of fact it pays my bills. I love to read the news online but it comes with a caveat: dealing with the comments that people write following stories. I have to sometimes remind myself to skip over them because it blows my mind how inconsiderate and rude people are. But I confess, I read them sometimes. I think it also shows the type of people that read articles and make an effort to put their fingers to their dirty keyboards and make remarks.

Oh internet trolls…

Reviews are the same. Why are people so excited to write hateful and mean reviews and sometimes even false reviews, but rarely are willing to take the time to write something positive about a company they may absolutely love?

I recently purchased a fridge, which who knew that buying a fridge would be so time consuming and stressful when it comes to making sure you pick the right one? Guess what, the right one in the end is the one that fits your price and you love!! Not the one that 900 people have reviewed. Reviews I have noticed are more of a cautionary tale. A buyer beware. Which is fine. I want to know that when my ice maker stops working that enough people have contacted the retailer and they know how to troubleshoot the issue. ** I use ice maker going out because that seemed to be the biggest complaint on ALL fridges. Things aren’t meant to last forever and I think consumers forget that. Good for you, your fridge lasted 30 years… but did you know the average appliance is only built to last about 7-10 years? Things just aren’t made how they use to…

The only exception, and let’s be honest about this, is the hilarious Amazon reviews! I do love a clever buyer.

Enough about reviews, I could go on all day…

Why have we come to a period in our lives where people are so candid and shy in person to speak their mind but behind an LED screen they are so hateful and brazen? I am all for speaking ones mind and correcting someone when there is mis-information but I am not a fan of bullies.

I am going to use stories on death as a perfect example of the bi-polarness of the internet and commenters. Regardless of the circumstances, you are bound to get an array of commenters. The people offering their condolences, and these always amaze me because in real life, would you offer the same condolences in passing? Then there are those who are the religious mongers… maybe religion did it to them or the lack thereof? And there are those that are just plain mean. When there is a death that usually means someone lost a brother, a sister, a mother, a father, an aunt/uncle, a grandparent, or a friend… If you aren’t close to the situation, keep your mouth shut. No one needs to log onto social media, regardless of the situation, and see their loved one being bashed after they’ve passed.

A VERY wise man said… (@RFHKerry from X96 Radio from Hell) “Think before you post on social media … What are you trying to accomplish by making this public?”

Now that I’ve touched base on those things… I am begging you as a consumer, LEAVE POSITIVE REVIEWS WHEN YOU LOVE SOMETHING! There is no bigger compliment to any company than you taking a moment to let them know you love them.


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