Strong, relatable women: Gina Carano

The last two days I have made it to the movie theatre to see Deadpool two times. Yes, I am that person that will go more than once if I love a movie! I really love going to the movies. I love a good story, good characters, a good score, good effects, and just the all around experience. When I left Deadpool, I wasn’t blown away by the pretty girlfriend played by Morena Baccarin, the amazing job that Ryan Reynolds did (although he was perfection), but by the stellar and captivating side kick of the bad guy.

My first thought when Gina Carano’s character, Angel Dust, came on the screen was: this actress is FREAKING BAD ASS! That was when she punched Ryan Reynolds in the face. Then I really started watching her character. I noticed that she really doesn’t say a ton through the movie but her strong presence is definitely felt. There is a scene that she is in where she and Ajax are over the top of Wade Wilson (no spoilers I promise) after he is mutating and looking at her I couldn’t help but feel like wow, she is a totally relatable actress for myself. To me, just looking at her, she doesn’t abide by the typical Hollywood pretty mold. Please don’t misread that as I don’t think she is pretty, cause she is incredibly beautiful! If you pay attention, it is quite typical in casting that the villainess is nothing but a pretty face but I want to see a tough, naturally strong, actress portraying a villainess and Gina just enveloped that for me in Deadpool. Gina is this stunning, raven haired-real girl size-with boobs in all their glory! (and thanks to Colossus for being a gentleman)

Not only does she look “real,” she is a strong character. Both literally and figuratively. Angel Dust has been given strength as her mutation and she is granted this amazing fight scene at the end of the movie with Colossus. A fight scene that you should be cheering for the good guy, but can’t help but cheer on the bad guy (Angel Dust) because it is such a great and powerful battle. I had no idea who she was until after I left the film. I wasn’t aware she was a former MMA fighter.

What makes an actor or actress relatable? I really feel it is strictly how you feel as a spectator. Your identifiable will probably not be my identifiable. I will never be a size zero. I will always have boobs. And I like to think of myself as a strong woman. Because I box for health, I am finding her incredibly inspiring because of her MMA past, so that adds to it. I just don’t chew on matches!

I love a good movie where there is a strong and intense woman that just leaves me feeling motivated about life and totally kicking ass! Gina’s Angel Dust definitely made me feel that way. Now I can continue to learn about her and continue to be motivated when I box because of her!

Oh and if anyone knows where I can find a corset like the one she is wearing in the end fight scene, let me know!

photo courtesy Empire Online

photo courtesy Empire Online


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