Whisky for a Cause.

It’s been a minute since my last whisky auction post! I got my last shipment and then I got a bunch of detailed cake orders (I decorate cakes as a hobby for weddings/birthdays) that have consumed my month, but here I am to share the next box of whisky goodies.

This particular auction brought me a couple of fun finds, well at least I think they are. Two of them I was really hoping to get, because I love the history behind the bottles and what makes them limited edition. I do love a good cause.

I have now watched 8 auctions pass by over the last month, which trust and believe is hard sometimes. Unfortunately, I lost all that I was hoping for. That is ok though, there will be plenty of time to build up my stock!

Ok, ok, let’s get to the goods!

Spirit of Unity. What can I say. This bottle is very cool to have in my possession. There is usually 1 in auction at a time the last few months that I’ve seen. This bottle was released as part of a fundraiser for Japan after the tsunami hit in 2011. The Spirit of Unity was the gathering of independent distilleries which included Arran, BenRiach, Bladnoch, GlenDronach, Glengyle, Kilchoman, and Springbank. They waived usual fees so that £40.94 ($59) from every single bottle sold went to Japan and New Zealand. There were approximately 2000 bottles released and 1200 were in the UK alone the rest were said to have gone to New Zealand to assist with the ChristChurch earthquake damage as well. The great news is nearly £80,000 ($115,308) was raised with each bottle selling for £59. There is an update article about the endeavor on the Arran website. Click HERE to read the update.

Independent whisky expert David Broom said: “Nothing like this has been produced before and whisky lovers around the world will be clamouring to own and taste this one-off bottling.” (click on the quote to read more)

At auction it is averaging between £40($58) and £120($173). With only 2000 bottles, you can’t help but wonder like with any limited bottling, how many are actually still out there!?


spirit of unity discontinued                                             spirit of unity whiskey

The next super stellar whisky bottle comes from the Glenfarclas distillery (yes, I love that place) and is a combination of two casks (2659 and 2662) picked by the wonderful people at Master of Malt. Guess what, it is also a fundraising bottle! Who knew you could do so much good with some whisky??

Let me give a little information on Movember. Those handsome and generally gentlemanly ‘staches… and of course the occasionally creepy mustache you see in November actually serve a purpose. Movember was created using the word “mo” which is slang for moustache in Australia. In 2003, an organization was created to bring funds and awareness for men’s health, particularly prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

I thought I was going to lose this bottle because it is another limited edition bottle. Movember is a Glenfarclas 9 year old bottling. Distilled in 2002 and bottled in September 2011, it seems like the guys at Master of Malt picked a good blend to represent Movember. It sold for £39.95($58) and £10 from the sale of every bottle went to Movember. I tried to reach out to Master of Malt and Glenfarclas and was fortunate to hear from the Sales Director George Grant, a 6th generation Grant, but he didn’t know off the top of his head how much money was raised. I did however find a number that said there was about £6000 raised in November, and of course this bottle is discontinued.

At auction is is sold for £50-90 ($72-130).

glenfarclas movember 2011                       glenfarclas movember 2011                            glenfarclas movember 2011


The third bottle that I was able to get is a HUGE bottle of 15 year old Longmorn ….. I bid on this bottle because of the size and of course because it is discontinued. Most whisky bottles come in a 70cl or 50cl bottle, or if you are just getting a sample, 20cl. This Longmorn is a full 100cl (that is a FULL liter)! It is also unique because shops that still have stock of the 70cl have put a limit on purchasing them. Normally you will see a restriction like, “limit 1” but this was the first time I had seen a “maximum 6 per customer.” The 70cl bottle goes from about £99-120 ($130-173). I don’t know what it says about this bottle, but it is VERY hard to find a 1L of it and even more difficult to find information on the origination of it.

It has sold for auction for about £75 ($108).

longmorn 1L 15 year discontined       longmorn back label 1L          longmorn 1L 15 year



Unless something magical comes up at the right price, it will probably be a bit before bidding again. It is concert season and basically the heavens opened up this summer and dumped some of  my most favorite bands into my back yard! Well, I wish they were in my backyard. Stay tuned and thanks for keeping up on my whisky auctions!


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