Whisky collecting continues!

It has been almost a year, in July, since my last whisky auction win. It’s not a cheap passion. Between the cost of the bottle, the fees, and shipping. I had to take a break. I have really grown to love the Whisky Auctioneer site.  Not only do they have great collections, they have great customer service and communication! I am not sure why this was the auction I decided to hop back on! It  did end up getting me some awesome bottles!!

I have been eyeing the Elements of Islay bottles since I started collecting. The bids rocket in price pretty quickly because they are mostly discontinued bottles, and the bottles are so cute!  A description of this particular series of bottlings from creators, Specialty Brands: The Elements of Islay is a range of Single Malt Islay Whiskies that draws its inspiration from traditional medical laboratory labels and packaging. Indeed; even the bottle is called ‘pharmacy’. The Elements range is bottled in individual batches, typically blended from between 5 and 20 casks from a single distillery. Another important feature of the Elements range is the absence of vintages or age statements on the label. Casks of different ages are “married” to create a unique taste profile for each batch – the producer believes that stated ages and vintages are less important than creating a top quality malt that truly expresses the character of the distillery that made it.

I was able to snatch up a bottle of Elements of Islay MA1 which is the only bottling in the MA series and is discontinued. Coming from a distillery nestled on the very last outpost on the East coast of Islay, Ma is the darker, smokier version of the heathery, briny, unpeated whisky from the distillery we know as Bn. (aka Bunnahabhain)

Originally this bottle sold for about  £49.95.

I did pick up two other very cool and rare bottles this auction, but those are not going to be for collecting.


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